When we use the word dusting most people think of house cleaning, but the need for dusting is very pertinent to office cleaning. It’s important for two main reasons.

Firstly, a nicely dusted reception room gives a good immediate impression to clients and customers. The environment will feel clean and fresh and the show that the proprietor and staff really care, indicating that one might receive good service from this company. An untidy, unkempt reception area gives off a sense of inefficiency and neglect.

Secondly, a dusty office or reception area is very bad for staff health and wellbeing. Close up, dust is horrible, it consists of many things;  human and animal hairs (dander), fibres from textiles, minerals from soil, human skin cells, meteorite particles, and numerous other materials which come in from the surrounding environment—and not least tiny amounts of plant pollen, not good for staff who suffer with hay-fever, so it is essential that all areas are dusted regularly.


1. Start your dusting from the top, working down to the bottom; this gives the dust a chance to fall and be received by your duster or vacuum cleaner.

2. Move objects such as paper weights, diaries, phones and other objects, actually pick them up and dust underneath. Be sure to clean under the desk space as well, place everything back where it was.

3. Clean computer displays using a clean and dry microfibre cloth.

4. Clean office blinds by firstly adjusting slats horizontally, dust the top, then close the blinds and clean downwards. Adjust slats to the other side and clean newly exposed dusty slats. A blinds scissor duster can also be used.

5. Vacuum thoroughly and in particular underneath desks.

6. If dusting a reception area, make sure the reception table is very neat and items put back in place. Make sure chairs are vacuumed, cleaned and arranged nicely.


A dusty and dirty office can be a haven for the flu virus and multiple germs and can lead to sick days, decline in production and financial losses. Desks carry more germs than a toilet seat! Good hygiene behaviour in the office can go a long way to preventing the spread of germs. Promoting correct hand washing, keeping infectious staff at home, organising flu vaccine for staff, and better staff lifestyle will all help avoid sickness.


There is more dust around now, in fact, twice as much as in the nineteenth century.

For archaeologists, dust analysis provides a wealth of information.

Forest floors trap dust four times more effectively than open land.

Another 40,000 tons of cosmic dust settles on the earth surface with every passing year.


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